Lion Air Inflight Magazine

LIONMAG (In-flight Magazine of Lion Air)

Majalah LIONMAG, cover edisi Jan 2014

Commercial Advertising

Lion Air, a successful fast development national airline, started with only airplane in 2000. Presently, about 12 years later, the company operates 81 units BOEING 737-900 ER, and 2 units BOEING 747-400, with all together more than 600 flights a day. The fleet includes 40 new planes of the type Boeing 737-900ER. The airline flies to many domestic destinations and has international flights going to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Penang, Malaka, and Jeddah, Medina in Saudi Arabia. Lion Air became the airline company with the largest amount of domestic passengers in Indonesia.

LIONMAG, a lifestyle and traveling magazine, publishes monthly 65.000 copies that are distributed on all flights of Lion Air. More than 3.600.000 people, mostly belonging to the middle and high class, read the magazine every month.

Circulations and Distribution

LIONMAG is distributed monthly on all flight of Lion Air

Demography Reader

Gender : Male 65%, Female 35%

Marital Status  : Married 73%, Single 27%

Education Level : High School 20%, Academy 32%, University Degree 48%

Age : 20 – 65 year

Domestic : 93%

International : 7%

Readership : B – Up ( middle to high )

Print Run : 65.000 copies

Frequency : Monthly

Majalah Pesawat Lion Air (LIONMAG) cover edisi Nop 2013


LIONMAG  – The Inflight Magazine Of Lion Air –



“We are the biggest Indonesian magazine with the largest number of readers!”

Media Profile LIONMAG 2013

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Sriwijaya Air Inflight Magazine

Sriwijaya In-flight Magazine 

Sriwijaya Magazine

Sriwijaya Magazine


Sriwijaya started its journey on 2003 and have moving fast. Nowadays, own 32 airplanes and deliver passengers to Indonesia 40 cities & 2 international cities (Singapore and Penang, Malaysia)

Due to the improvement of passengers number, Sriwijaya Air special present SRIWIJAYA In-flight Magazine at every seats. This magazine is one of the entertainment along the flight, became source of information and knowledge that will be needed by the passengers.

With average total of passengers reaches 850.000 people per month, SRIWIJAYA is clearly become the suitable media for promotion at the airplane. Content quality and promotion benefit from SRIWIJAYA in-flight magazine could be enjoyed by more than hundred of thousands readers around Indonesia. Reach number of readers as much as monthly passengers, so the promotion and campaign program will be effective !

Format Media

– Full Colour Magazine

– Total pages : 100 (include cover)

– Cover : Art paper 230 gr laminate grossy

– Inside : Art paper 100 gr

– Size : 21 x 28 cm

– Frequency : monthy, published on every 1st

– Print run : 30.000 copies

Reader Profile

– Sex : Male (65%), Female (35%)

– Age : 15-50 years

– SES : B+ (60%), C (30%), A (10%)


– Each seat of Sriwijaya Air at 40 domestic destination and 2 international destination

– Main office and branches of Sriwijaya Air at every destination cities

– Travel agency, hotel, restaurat, cafe, and Sriwijaya others partners

Source : Media Kit Sriwijaya Magazine

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Wings Air

WINGS Air Inflight Magazine

WINGS – The Inflight Magazine of Wings Air

Wings Air Inflight Magazine - Media Profile 2013

Wings Air Inflight Magazine – Media Profile 2013

Wings Magazine, a lifestyle and traveling magazine, publishes monthly 12.000 copies that are

distributed on all flights of Wings Air. More than 500.000 people – most from middle to high

class, read the magazine every month.

Circulation and Distribution

Wings Magazine is distributed monthly on all flight of Wings Air,

WINGS MAGAZINE is part of a group publishing with :

LIONMAG – The Inflight Magazine of Lion Air

BATIK – The Inflight Magazine of Batik Air

Eat Stay Leisure – The Inflight Directory

Cubbo – Inflight Kids Magazine of Lion Air

Demography Reader

Gender Male 65%, Female 35%

Print Run 12.000 copies

Frequency Monthly

Readership B – Up (middle to high)

Age 25 – 60 year


Size : 180 (w) mm x 260 (h) mm closed

460 (w) mm x 260 (h) mm open

Language : Indonesian, plus English articles.

Paper  : 230 gsm art carton (cover),

120 gsm art paper (contents) laminated.


China Airlines

China Airlines Inflight Magazine

CATHAY PACIFIC In-flight Magazine

CHINA AIRLINES In-flight Magazine

DRAGON AIR In-flight Magazine

JETSTAR ASIA In-flight Magazine

TIGER ASIA In-flight Magazine

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Citilink Inflight Magazine

Citilink In-flight Magazine : LINKERS

Cover Linkers (Sept 2014)

Cover Linkers (Sept 2014)

Spesification of Magazine : 

* Size : 20 cm x 28 cm

* Paper Type :

– Contents : Art Paper 210 gr

– Cover Art Carton 310 gr (Laminating Glossy)

* Page : 80 Page FC

Total of Circulation : 10.000 copies / month

“Citilink has been launching new face of Brand Story, New Logos, and New aircraft to accommodate Indonesian passenger ”.

Citilink will add more destination and frequencies into 22 cities (Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Batam, Denpasar Bali, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Padang, Yogyakarta, Palembang, Bandung, Lombok, Bengkulu, Pakanbaru, Semarang, Makasar , Jambi, Pangkal Pinang, Tanjung Pandan, Malang , Kupang )

85% of travelers recalled some type of in-flight advertising or promotional material

86% of customers are flying in a positive mood, and are hence more likely to be receptive to advertising messages

92% of airline passengers were still able to recall advertising messages a few hours after arrival.

On flights of over an hour, 9 out 0f 10 airline passengers used their tray for 15 minutes or more. In short flights of an hour or less, the figure stood at 82%.

Effective Media

Your BRAND will be watched by 8.000.000 paxes / years

700.000 / month

Minimum passenger attention in to your BRAND = 30 minutes constantly during on board


Citilink - Overhead Bins

Overhead Bins

* Overhead bin create the experience and the feel any brands is looking for.

* Overhead bin ads are visible at all times during all phase of flight.

Advertising Citilink - Tray Table

Tray Table

* Visible to every passenger during all aspects of flight while the tray is in its upright and locked position *

Citilink Advertising - Cover Seat Branding

Cover Seat Branding

* Overhead bin ads are visible at all times during all phase of flight *

Bulkheads - Citilink


* Media placed here are the first messages passengers see when they enter the aircraft, and is the main image and message seen when facing forward in the cabin *

Restroom Door - Pesawat Citilink

Restroom Door

Citilink - Exterior Advertising


Source : Media Kit Majalah Citilink 2014

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Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Inflight Magazine

COLOURS – Inflight Magazine of Garuda Indonesia

Majalah Pesawat COLOURS Garuda Indonesia

Majalah Pesawat COLOURS Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia merupakan maskapai penerbangan nasional kebanggaan Indonesia, sudah mendapatkan banyak sertifikasi dari berbagai lembaga penerbangan internasional, memenuhi standar keamanan dan kenyamanan dunia penerbangan. Garuda Indonesia juga tergabung dalam SkyTeam, menjadikan Garuda sebagai pilihan utama bagi masyakarat yang mendambakan full service ketika terbang dari satu lokasi ke lokasi lainnya.

Rute penerbangan Garuda Indonesia sangat luas, baik domestik maupun internasional. Untuk rute internasional, Garuda Indonesia menjadi pilihan utama masyarakat Indonesia, selain itu banyak warga negara asing yang suka dan lebih memilih terbang dengan Garuda Indonesia dibanding pesawat penerbangan lainnya, semua ini dikarenakan kualitas pelayanan, kenyamanan penerbangan, harga yang kompetitif yang ditawarkan Garuda Indonesia.

Seperti halnya pesawat lainnya, Garuda Indonesia juga menyediakan layanan flight entertainment, seperti TV dan majalah pesawat. Nama dari majalah pesawat Garuda Indonesia telah berganti nama menjadi COLOURS, rebranding majalah pesawat yang dilakukan oleh team Garuda Indonesia ini untuk mendukung layanan Garuda Indonesia yang semakin profesional dan majalah Colours Garuda Indonesia yang terbit bulanan ini, juga disajikan dalam desain yang lebih menarik dan isi yang lebih bermanfaat.

COLOURS, The In-flight Magazine of Garuda Indonesia ini juga sering mendapat penghargaan desain dari berbagai lembaga. Tidak heran, banyak sekali brand-brand ternama selalu rutin mempromosikan produk/ jasa yang mereka tawarkan di Majalah Pesawat COLOURS Garuda Indonesia.

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Batik Air

Batik Air Inflight Magazine

The In-flight Magazine of BATIK AIR

Cover In-flight Magazine BATIK

Cover In-flight Magazine BATIK

Specification of BATIK’s Magazine

Size : 220 (w) x 300 (h) mm closed

Pages : 100 inside pages + 4 cover pages

Language : Indonesian, plus English article

Material : 230 gsm art carton (cover) laminated,

120 gsm art paper (contents)

BATIK’s Advertising Size

* Full Page = 220mm x 300mm

* Spread Pages = 440mm x 300mm


* Restaurant, Hotel, every Pilots of Lion Group (Lion AirBatik Air, Wings Air, Malindo Air, Lion Bizjet)

Content Profile

SPECIAL : Each issue focuses on a certain region and analyses it in the perspective of culture, arts and tourism, while trying to unfold the indigenous wisdom that became the basis of the region’s development.

TRAVELLING : Day trips to beautiful places, unique and exciting, can become unforgettable memories. Mountains, forests, beaches, towns and rural atmosphere or just walk along the old city are immortalized in words and pictures in this column.

LEISURE & LIFESTYLE : Various details can affect a person’s life style. In this section we find reviews of enjoyable places such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels, and reviews related to hobbies like reading and watching movies.

DESTINATIONS : The column “destinations” discusses one particular place with a variety of interesting viewpoints related to history, customs, culture and other unique details. This rubric will enrich your experience and knowledge.


“25.000 copies of the magazine are distributed for free to 1,500,000 Batik Air passenger-readers.”

BATIK AIR is part of a group publishing with :

LIONMAG – The Inflight Magazine of Lion Air

WINGS Inflight Magazine

Eat Stay Leisure – The Inflight Directory

Cubbo – Inflight Kids Magazine of Lion Air

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